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Check out our collections and place your order now!

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At Onyx Abaya, the team strives to ensure that every detail of our women abaya is carefully considered in the design process. From the selection of the finest fabrics to the precision of the cuts and the attention to the smallest details, we are committed to delivering nothing but the best abaya styles. The company recognizes that an abaya is more than just a piece of clothing; it's a reflection of the wearer's personal style and identity. That's why we work tirelessly to offer our customers abayas online in the UAE that are not only stylish and elegant but also practical and comfortable to wear. We take into consideration the varying needs and preferences of our clients and design abayas for ladies that can be worn on a variety of occasions, from formal events to everyday wear. Our range of designer abayas are made to last, ensuring that they last for years without losing their shape or quality.
Stylish & Simple Abaya Designs

Simple yet Elegant Abayas in Stylish Designs and Comfortable Fabric

At Onyx Abaya we are committed to manufacture Abayas which are elegant, comfortable and stylish. Our range offer exquisite simple style Abayas offering class and elegance while keeping the essence of simplicity intact.  Our online store offers our customer a wide range of affordable designer Abayas in Dubai that can worn for both casual and formal purposes.  Our simple Abaya designs are best to elevate any outfit with style while keeping the modest fashion sense intact.  We offer the best Abaya collection in Dubai which are produced from the best raw material and fabric making sure its quality, comfort and timeless design.  We have kept our pricing cheap to let our audience enjoy the luxury of wearing branded and designer Abayas while keeping it light to their pockets.
Ultimate Convenience for a Perfect Hijab Style.

We are one of the most liked Online Abaya Shop in Dubai, UAE

We understand the unique preferences and style taste of every women. At Onyx Abaya our uniquely crafted designer Abayas in UAE are designed to cater the fashion requirement of all the women out there while keeping quality highest priority.

Value For Money

You are guaranteed to find value for your money when you do abaya online shopping from Onyx Abaya. This is because our abayas never deteriorate with time and can be used year after year.

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Any query, feedback, or complaint with your abaya can be instantly resolved if you get in touch with our customer support staff. They are provided with the resources to listen to your issues and devise solutions accordingly.

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Our website is designed to provide you with an optimal shopping experience. You can pick any abaya from our vast array of designs, and do abaya online shopping with just a click of a button.


Find Abayas Fit For Your Style

We understand that every woman visiting our website has a preferred sense of style when it comes to designer abayas. So, we craft our abayas in such ways that it caters to all those styles. Our goal is to offer modern Muslim women an opportunity to fully express their style and beauty while also adhering to Islamic guidelines. So, if you want to buy abaya online in Dubai, check out our collection. You are guaranteed to find an abaya in Dubai online that will fully satisfy you and your inner fashionista!

Onyx Abaya has a passion for providing women with beautiful and stylish abayas that not only meet their fashion needs but also make them feel confident and beautiful. Whether you’re looking for a simple abaya design or a more elaborate one, Onyx Abaya has something for everyone. With their range of stylish and simple abaya designs, you can find the perfect abaya dress in Dubai to suit any occasion.

Looking for the best place to Buy Abayas in Dubai

Onyx Abaya is a well-known online platform that offers a wide range of abaya in Dubai. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or modern style women abaya, Onyx Abaya has got you covered. Our range of Abayas comes with a variety of design options to choose from. Onyx Abaya has a collection that caters to all tastes. Our abaya dresses are made from high-quality materials, ensuring comfort and durability.

In addition to offering a wide range of abayas, Onyx Abaya also makes it easy to buy abaya online in Dubai. Our online platform is user-friendly, allowing you to browse through the collection and make a purchase with just a few clicks. We offer cheap abayas online in Dubai, UAE, without sacrificing quality. You can easily find the perfect abaya style to match your preferences, all while staying within your budget.

In conclusion, Onyx Abaya is a one-stop shop to buy sophisticated and elegantly designed abayas in Dubai, UAE.. So, if you’re looking to buy abaya online in Dubai and other parts of the UAE, make sure to check out Onyx Abaya for a hassle-free shopping experience.



You can follow these simple steps to place an order for our abaya online:

  • Click on the “Add to cart” option, which is available for both guest visitors and subscribed members.
  • Once you have added your selected items to your cart, click on the shopping cart and proceed to checkout.
  • Enter the necessary information.
  • Click ‘place order.’

Once you place the order for your selected abaya dress, your order will be confirmed through a call or message directly from one of our representatives in order to verify the information you have given and provide you with the order details. 

Being the best company to buy abaya online in Dubai, we do allow exchange/refund/returns, but in such cases, the product needs to be sent back to Onyx Abaya within 14 days of the purchase. However, we do not allow the return of customized abayas.

When you buy from us, you won’t have to face the hassle of a lengthy checkout. Instead, you can simply make your payments through debit and credit cards. Whether you buy  abayas online from us or an extravagant one, the payment can be made easily.

We use different kinds of fabrics, ranging from delicate to normal textiles, embroidery, and crystals. However, all the fabrics are of premium quality since we’re dedicated to providing you with the best abaya in Dubai.

Upon your request, we tailor abayas according to your style and size, allowing you to have some unique abaya styles in your closet.

For returns, refunds, or exchanges, the following conditions should be met:

  • The item should not be used.
  • The item should be in the same condition as it was upon receipt, and the original tags/ labels should not be removed.
  • The item should be in the same packaging you received.