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The Ultimate Abaya Packing Guide for a Stress-Free Hajj Experience

Hajj, one of Islam’s five pillars, holds a special place in Muslims’ hearts. It is obligatory for every person following Islam who can afford it financially and health-wise, and it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

For the native Arabs, it may be less stressful. However, for people traveling overseas, the experience becomes emotionally, physically, and mentally overwhelming. In such times, one thing that women overlook is their wardrobe, an essential consideration before starting their spiritual journey.

We have heard many women’s post-pilgrimage regret overlooking their choice of collection as they had to deal with difficulty during Hajj.

In this blog post, we’ll list all the aspects you need to be alert about while packing abayas for your spiritual voyage. Moreover, we’ll be jotting down the best abayas you can purchase to ensure the Hajj is done modestly and comfortably.

Key Takeaways

  • Properly packing abayas is crucial for a comfortable and stress-free Hajj journey. It ensures that you focus on spiritual aspects rather than wardrobe concerns.
  • Pack the correct number of abayas according to your stay duration, and ensure they are made of appropriate fabric for the climate to maintain comfort and modesty.
  • Choose abayas and hijabs of the correct size to avoid discomfort and distractions during rituals and prayers, prioritizing ease of movement.
  • To avoid discomfort and maintain a modest appearance throughout the Hajj, opt for sophisticated light colors suitable for the climate.
  • Select stylish yet modest abayas that reflect respect for the sacred trip, considering diversity in styles to feel confident and dignified throughout the experience.

Things To Consider Before Packing Your Abayas

Regardless of the occasion, traveling sounds fun until the horror part strikes. What’s that? Well, packing. Packing, let alone for spiritual travel like Hajj, can affect your physical and mental health. It’s understandable to know the significance of packing the right fit and abaya for women to ensure you have no regrets later. Let’s explore some of the essentials in detail so you have a smooth experience regarding your apparel during the Hajj.

1.     Right Amount Of Abayas

The quantity of luggage is the core focus of most travelers. It is mainly due to luggage restrictions imposed by the airport ministry guidelines of a particular country.

In short, the emphasis of packing should be to pack less but pack right. The amount of abayas you’re taking heavily depends on your day of stay. Ensure the days you’re staying.

During the Hajj days, you’d be out all day sweating on the warm streets of KSA. Due to this, you’re less likely to repeat your fit, and having the laundry might consume too much time and money. Henceforth, having the correct number of abayas will help you to focus on your worship instead of what to wear the next day.

2.     Quality of Fabric

Having the correct quantity is not just enough. Quality is another fundamental aspect to consider. It’s essential to ensure that all the abayas you’re packing are by the weather there.

However, quality consideration goes beyond weather alignment; ensure the abayas you pick have reliable material and no poor quality is used. No one wants to roam in Mecca with a torn or faded abaya. Hence, it’s essential to ensure all the quality considerations are matched.

3.     The Right Size & Material

Some abayas are made of silk that slips repeatedly through the head. Although there are hundreds of tutorials on how to avoid having them slip, following the better safe than sorry theory, it is better to opt for abayas that won’t cause the hurdle of falling in the first place.

Moreover, not just hijabs but some women often take abayas that are longer than their length. An abaya of the right size is essential, especially during Hajj, as it requires a lot of walking.

4.     Appropriate Colors

Colors significantly affect how we feel about the person or ourselves. Besides, there’s a standard distribution of summer colors and winter colors. But why does this matter? Imagine sweating under the scorching heat right below the sun and having a lady next to you in a red abaya that is a shade of bridal red; what would be your reaction? You’d want to run away. Even if it’s you wearing the color, you’d like to escape your body because inappropriate colors raise frustration. Hence, when shortlisting the abayas, remember to go for the sophisticated light colors, but not the light that’ll even leave sweat stains.

5.     Styles Diversity

Imagine your boss calling you for a meeting; how will you dress? Well, anyone will dress their best whenever they feel they’re going to a place with a certain higher standard. So, when you’re heading to Hajj, you will visit the place of the creator of all elites. Shouldn’t you be dressing your best? Yes, we all should.

When picking your abayas, choose the stylish yet modest ones. Get the best designer abaya you can get because this will be an experience once in a lifetime. Make sure your collection has diverse styles and all types of abayas for your stay so you are confident and modest.

11 Top Picks Abayas For Your Pilgrimage Stay

Being informed of considerations helps to pack better, but what if you know exactly what to buy? That would be the cherry on top benefits to pack for your hajj trip. When getting abayas for Hajj, one should be very cautious of colors, fabric, quantity, etc. To simplify the process, we’ve made up a list of 11 abayas that help for a minimum of 11 days of a trip without breaking a sweat about repeating. Without delay, let’s get started with the list.

1.     Allure Abaya

Allure abaya, as the name suggests, would leave alluring over its elegant vibe. This designer abaya is white and radiates a bundle of positive vibes. This abaya serves the purpose for occasions like Hajj or Umrah, weddings, and everyday looks. It has unique sets of designs on its lower border and sleeves and will surely keep you hooked with its design.

2.     Azure Abaya

As the name suggests, the Azure Abaya has an azure (shade of blue) color. It is the perfect choice for your Hajj. This pick offers both style and flexibility. The deep blue hue and mixed white embroidery make it visually appealing and ensure it remains evergreen, which is ideal for reuse. Its modest design with long sleeves and a full-length skirt provides the necessary coverage, so you feel comfortable and confident throughout your pilgrimage.

3.     Elegant Abaya

The Elegant Abaya, made from chiffon and with black and white embroidery, suits women traveling to the Hajj. Its modest yet stylish design offers comfort and breathability, ideal for diverse weather conditions. Whether walking through the Hajj rituals or enjoying Umrah’s spiritual ambiance, this abaya ensures elegance throughout the sacred ritual. It is available online through Onyx Abaya; buying this versatile piece simplifies preparations for these meaningful experiences, aligning with the spiritual element of the Hajj.

4.     Fizza Abaya

The Fizza Abaya is tailored from soft, comfortable crepe fabric. Its design features silver embroidery along the borders of the sleeves and the front of the abaya, improving its appeal and feminine attraction. Additionally, the involvement of a Shayla adds convenience and completes the traditional yet stylish aspect, making it a perfect pick for those special Hajj trips.

5.     Jamila Abaya

The Jamila Abaya is a black robe-like garment made from light crepe material. This fabric keeps you cool even in hot weather. It has a colorful border at the front that makes it look lovely. This abaya is perfect for people going on a Hajj because it’s comfortable. Moreover, it looks elegant, which is essential for such special occasions.

6.     Lamia Abaya

Lamia Abaya is a specially designed outfit, perfect for Hajj. Made from lightweight and soft fabric, it offers comfort during long travels and prayers. The black color is ideal for modesty, while the light pink and gold embroidery adds a touch of elegance without being too flashy. Its practical design provides ease of movement and convenience during the rituals of Hajj. The relaxing aura makes it perfect for pilgrims seeking comfort and style.

7.     Leen Abaya

The Leen Abaya is stitched from high-quality black linen. It is adorned with elegant golden buttons along the upper section and decorative buttons on the sleeves. Styled with comfort and modesty in mind, this traditional garment is ideal for pilgrims on the sacred trips of Hajj. Its breathable fabric and thoughtful design accommodate the diverse needs of travelers during their spiritual quests, ensuring both style and practicality throughout their sacred pilgrimage experiences.

8.     LuLu Abaya

The Black LuLu abaya is a modest and elegant garment made from soft crepe fabric. Its design features a simple pattern on the sleeves, adding a touch of style without being flashy. This abaya is the right pick for everyday wear, and its accurate fit makes it an ideal choice for Hajj, where ease of movement and modesty are essential considerations.

9.     Majestic Abaya

The Majestic Abaya, available in gray chiffon, is ideal for those planning a Hajj. Its elegant design and delicate white embroidery offer a sophisticated yet modest look suitable for various occasions. The breathable fabric ensures relaxation in all seasons, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

10.Zahby Abaya

When preparing for your Hajj, selecting the proper clothing is crucial, and the Zahby Abaya fits the bill perfectly. This abaya is sewn from soft fabric in a classic black color, and a stylish gold and black ribbon on the sleeves. This combination of comfort and elegance makes the Zahby Abaya an excellent choice for your Hajj, ensuring you feel both modest and chic throughout your spiritual experience.

11.Zahra abaya

The Zahra abaya is ideal for individuals on a Hajj due to its thoughtful design and practical features. Made from a lightweight yet durable black fabric, this abaya offers both comfort and style. The mix of flower embroidery beautifies the sleeves and adds a touch of elegance, while the subtle gray line embroidered on the front improves its aesthetic. These delicate details make the abaya visually appealing. Additionally, the fabric’s breathability ensures comfort during long hours of devotion and rituals, making the Zahra abaya a perfect companion for spiritual travel.

Onyx Abaya – The One-Stop Abaya Shop In Dubai

Abaya fashion is expanding broadly, which has helped females have diverse options. However, it has also created a confusing state regarding what exactly to pick. Where to buy from? What material suits you best? Well, Onyx Abaya puts an end to all the confusion and questions.

As one of the premier abaya shops in Dubai, we have a vast collection of elegant and sophisticated abayas. Whether you’re looking for colored or standard black and white abayas, we have everything.


Do women wear hijab at Hajj?

Yes, although, as per Islamic traditions, women may not be allowed to wear a veil while performing the Hajj or Umrah, the hijab is considered compulsory as hair is part of the awrah that needs to be covered.

What do women wear during Hajj?

Abayas, Jilbabs, and long khimars are some modest attires women wear during Hajj. These loose abayas provide comfort and flexibility and align with Islamic guidelines about garment rulings during the Hajj. 

What is the Ihram for women during Hajj?

Unlike men, women have no set of white clothes for Ihram. Instead, they can make an Ihram of any outfit, whether abaya/jilbab, khimar, or long chadar, that maintains modesty regardless of its colors.


In conclusion, preparing for a Hajj involves careful consideration of one’s wardrobe, particularly when it comes to packing abayas. Ensuring the correct quantity of abayas aligned with the length of stay, choosing quality fabrics suitable for the climate, and selecting abayas of the proper size and appropriate colors are crucial factors for a comfortable and respectful journey. Additionally, prioritizing modest yet stylish designs that reflect reverence and confidence, such as the Azure Abaya, Elegant Abaya, Lamia Abaya, and others available at Onyx Abaya, ensures that pilgrims can focus on the spiritual importance of the pilgrimage without distractions or discomfort related to their attire.

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