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5 Tips To Make A Strong Fashion Statement With Abaya

Fashion Statement With Abaya

Over the years, Abayas have evolved from religious and traditional attire to a fashion statement. A wide range of styles is available at Abaya shops in Dubai, including open style, closed style, butterfly style, draped, kimono style, and two-piece abayas. With all these amazing designs, Abaya for women has become the personification of modern fashion and style, and women across the world are jumping on the bandwagon and accepting Abaya culture. If you are looking forward to adorning this beautiful attire, here are some useful tips to get it right and amaze others with your unique style.

Prioritize your comfort first

If you are going to buy the Abaya for the first time, it is going to be a whole new experience for you. Therefore, it is essential that you look for your comfort when selecting the Abaya. Hundreds of options at abaya shops may overwhelm you, but you have to make sure to get the design and material that you will be comfortable wearing for hours. Abaya sweeping the ground or too short never looks glamorous. While buying online or offline, make sure you measure the length correctly or try it on. Choose a length that is just a few centimeters below your ankle, covering half of your feet.

Correct sleeve length

Along with the proper fitting on the hem, you should also ensure that your Abaya is perfectly fit according to your arm’s length. Too short or too long sleeves will completely ruin the overall look making your attire look unimpressive. Moreover, with long hanging sleeves, you may face trouble doing your daily tasks. Before selecting the Abaya, ensure that the sleeves end right at the wrists. It will give a more neat appearance, making you look flattering and gorgeous.  

Right Abaya for the right occasion

Choosing the correct Abaya for the relevant events will add to your grace, and your dress will come out as the perfect one. The collection at Abayas shines bright in every season, and you have multiple options to select from based on the occasion. Casual-style abayas work best when you play with casual wear. You can opt for plain ones without any embellishments but have a stylish look such as butterfly style or kimono style. On the other hand, for formal occasions, look for the Abaya that includes embellishment and embroidery.

Pay attention to the details   

Embellishments and embroideries are exciting and add richness to any dress. But when it comes to buying an abaya, it is mainly about the little details. The more precise and delicate the work is, the more beautiful your Abaya will look. Choosing a design that features decent hand craftwork can make a significant appearance as compared to the ones with too much embroidery and work. You should always go for finer details as they add extra glam to your otherwise modest attire without being too loud and extra. Frayed embroidery, Unorganized sequins, and oddly placed crystals will take all the allure out of your Abaya, making it look cluttered.

When confused, go for black

If you are confused about which Abaya is right for you, go for the black one. Black is the color that will never disappoint you, giving you a plethora of designs to choose from. You can never go out of style when wearing black. Whether you are choosing a black Abaya for a special event or for casual wear, there will be no dearth of options.

Final thoughts

Since you have decided to buy an abaya, the next step is to choose the best store. Onyx Abaya is one of the best stores from where you can buy online Abaya in Dubai. We have everything related to Abaya. Whether you are looking for abayas for winter, summer, party wear, or casual wear, the options here are unlimited.  

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