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Different Ways To Wear An Abaya In Winter

Do you also struggle to pull the perfect winter abaya ensemble that not only makes you warm but also exudes style and sophistication?

Winter is the most exciting season of the year; it allows you to wear your favorite coats, long shoes, and a perfect beanie to keep you cozy. But for Muslim women, it can be a little tough to assemble the perfect winter abaya wear that provides maximum comfort and goes best with the style.

This blog will cater to all the Muslim women out there who are looking for the perfect winter abaya. From color selection and various designs to what hijab will suit the most, get ready to enjoy a complete insight into winter modest wear.

Choosing the Right Winter Abaya

It’s important to adapt your clothing to different seasons, as it ensures that you are comfortable and set for the needs of different seasons. The abaya is one of the most worn garments in the Middle East and other parts of the world. Women actively wear abaya for their everyday and important occasions. Therefore, it is important to adapt abayas for each season, including winter.

Making the right choice for your winter abaya is essential, as it helps ensure both comfort and style. We recommend you look into the following areas before selecting the perfect abaya for you.

Considering Different Materials

As we welcome the colder months, our fashion focus naturally shifts towards staying warm and cozy without sacrificing style. One key aspect to consider for your winter wardrobe is the choice of materials, particularly when it comes to your winter abayas. Selecting the right fabrics can not only ensure you stay comfortably warm but also help you look effortlessly fashionable throughout the season.

To begin with, it’s essential to assess your collection of slip dresses before picking out winter abayas. Slip dresses are usually worn under the abaya to ensure the perfect flow and appeal of the fabric. For the winter season, a long-sleeved slip dress is the perfect addition to your wear. It will not only maximize the warmth of the fabric but will also complement your abayas.

The best part? They come in various colors that can complement the abaya worn over them. Neutral tones like taupe, black, white, and cream are excellent choices, as they effortlessly match a wide range of abaya colors.

However, when it comes to the abayas themselves, one material that stands out among the most is velvet. Velvet abayas not only give a sense of luxury but also offer warmth and versatility. With its luxurious feel, wearing a velvet abaya for your daily wear can be a little too much, however, if you are going to a formal event or looking for a little festive touch. Velvet abayas can surely align perfectly with your needs.

Other than velvet, materials like cotton, silk, and hard georgettes with a lining are also great choices for winter. These materials provide both warmth and a stylish edge, making them ideal for creating captivating winter abayas.

Explore Different Color Options

When it comes to winter abayas, it’s important to remember that they are an integral part of your overall outfit, and black isn’t your only option. Adding a touch of color can infuse your look with personality and leave a lasting impression. The dull and dark color goes best with the winter season. Colors like navy, burgundy, and gray can beautifully complement the cold weather, creating an elegant and well-coordinated ensemble.

While bright splashes of color have their appeal, incorporating earthy tones can give your autumn and winter abaya collection a refreshing update. Let’s look into some of the most on-trend and complementary colors for your abayas this winter season.

1- Deep and Regal

When thinking about the winter season, rich jewel tones like deep burgundy, emerald green, and sapphire blue always come first to mind. These colors give off a luxurious feel and warmth, making them perfect for the chilly season. Their dark hues perfectly complement the winter season and add a touch of sophistication to your outfit. 

2- Neutrals

You can never go wrong with neutrals. Neutral tones like taupe, brown, and cream are surely winter classics that never go out of style. These subtle colors evoke a sense of coziness in you and blend seamlessly with the winter landscape. They provide a versatile palette for accessorizing and layering. What’s best is that they are perfect for all skin colors, which allows you to create a variety of chic and elegant ensembles.

3- Cool Pastels

Cool pastel shades like icy lavender, soft mint, and powder blue can bring a refreshing and serene quality to your winter abayas. While these colors are not traditionally associated with winter, they can surely offer a unique and unexpected twist to your wardrobe. These light hues evoke a sense of calmness, which creates a pleasing contrast with the cold weather outside.

4- Earthy Tones

When in doubt, wear earthy tones! Earthy tones are well-known for creating simple yet captivating palettes. With their dark and light contrasting hues, these colors peak sophistication and elegance. Earthy tones such as olive green, warm terracotta, and deep auburn are perfect for embracing the cozy vibes of winter. These colors mimic the natural hues of the season, providing a warm and inviting aesthetic.

5- Monochrome

Monochrome palettes are the trend of the season! They give you the complete flow of look with different shades and textures of color. Opting for a monochrome color palette, such as shades of gray or all-black, is a timeless choice for winter abayas. Monochrome outfits are well known to showcase sophistication and versatility, unlike any other palettes.

Accessorizing Your Abaya With Hijab

Another great aspect of your abaya is the hijab! They complete your outfit, giving you a perfect modest appeal. Winter season not only calls for winter abayas but also for hijabs that can complement your look and give you the maximum comfort and warmth. Let’s look into the diverse hijab options available in the market that can be a perfect match for your winter abayas.

1- Pashmina Shawls

Pashmina shawls are one of the best choices for winter hijab styles. They offer both warmth and versatility, as they come in an array of colors and patterns. These shawls can be draped over your head in various hijab styles or wrapped around your neck. Typically made from wool or cashmere, pashmina shawls provide exceptional softness and comfort, which makes them essential for those in cold climates.

2- Woolen Scarves

Wool is surely one of the top picks for winter fabrics. It’s renowned for its warmth and cozy feel. Woolen scarves come in a wide range of colors and styles to suit your preferences. To create a stylish winter hijab look, simply wrap a woolen scarf around your head in your preferred hijab style and secure it with a pin. You can also wear it loosely or drape it over your shoulders for a more relaxed appearance.

3- Jersey Hijabs

Jersey fabric is a top contender for winter hijab styles. Known for its warmth, stretch, and comfort, the jersey is perfect for layering. Moreover, it’s available in various colors and prints, which allow you to find the perfect match for your abaya.

4- Cashmere Shawls

Cashmere shawls are perfect for winter hijab due to their luxurious feel and exceptional warmth. They provide both comfort and elegance, required to make you look and feel your best during the colder months. They come in a variety of colors and styles so that you can style your hijab your way.

5- Velvet Hijabs

Velvet is the most opted fabric for the winter season. Velvet hijabs perfectly blend warmth and luxury to give out the perfect winter vibes. They possess some weight, which helps keep your hijab in place. When choosing a velvet hijab, pair it with a simple outfit to avoid looking overly dressed.

If you’re looking to switch things up from the traditional hijab, think about accessorizing your abaya with a luxurious velvet turban. Other than providing you with extra warmth, the turban-style hijabs compliment your winter look and add effortless beauty.

Best Abaya Designs That Go With Winter

Selecting the perfect cut plays a vital role when shopping for a winter abaya. Designs with loose shapes provide ample room to layer up for added warmth during colder months. It is best recommended to opt for an A-line cut for your winter abaya since the thicker fabrics used in winter abayas work well with this silhouette. It is also suggested to select an abaya that mimics coats as they keep you not only warm but also seamlessly blend into your winter wardrobe as part of a complete ensemble. Let’s take a look at the best abaya designs to complement the winter season.

1- Coat Abaya

Coat abayas are a winter-specific option designed to keep you warm and snug. This abaya style features a front-open style with button enclosures; they come with a coat collar neckline where you can tuck in your hijab for added warmth. Despite their length, these abayas are designed with comfort in mind, often incorporating a small slit at the center back to ensure ease of movement.

The best part of these coat-style abayas is the featured flap or zipper side pockets. These pockets provide a practical solution for keeping your hands and gadgets warm on chilly days. This style is a must-have for any Muslim woman looking for a cozy and functional winter abaya that also accommodates her daily essentials.

2- Denim Abayas & Jilbab

Denim abayas have surged in popularity due to their tough and durable denim fabric. These abayas are designed with a front-open style and button enclosures, often featuring a front-open placket for added style. Made from thick denim fabric, they are an ideal choice for keeping warm during winter while maintaining a trendy look. These abaya designs are perfect for young women who want to add a contemporary touch to their modest wear. These denim abayas can be paired with boots or high heels, along with a suitable hijab or winter cap, making them versatile choices for everyday wear or casual outings.

3- Kaftans or Poncho Abayas

For those seeking an alternative to open-styled abayas for winter, poncho abayas offer a bohemian-inspired option. These abayas are available in various materials, cuts, and designs, which allows you to wear sophistication and elegance in a relaxed, comfortable fit. Moreover, opting for a woolen poncho abaya ensures warmth during harsh winters. This style is perfect for cozy days indoors or casual outdoor outings. Pair it with strappy sandals or heeled boots, and add a boxed handbag to elevate your look. Poncho abayas are especially an excellent choice for those who prefer relaxed and non-restrictive clothing.

Layering On Abaya For Extra Comfort

Layering your abayas in winter is also an excellent choice to add extra warmth and style to your look. By combining different fabrics, you can add texture and depth to your outfit, making it visually captivating. In addition to that, layering allows you to experiment with different color coordination, enabling you to create sophisticated and polished ensembles. Layering also lets you incorporate statement pieces into your outfit, adding an extra layer of style and personality.

1. Textural Richness:

Combining elements like the smooth elegance of silk, the cozy warmth of wool, and the edgy allure of leather adds visual interest and depth to your ensemble, infusing your look with dynamic character.

2. Color Coordination Creativity:

You can also experiment with fusing different palettes together or going different shades with a single monochrome look. Try pulling a lighter-colored jacket or a long coat for an enhanced appeal. 

3. Statement-Making Accessories:

Layering allows you to create a canvas for showcasing statement pieces. You can showcase your bold, luxurious scarf or a chunky piece of jewelry to elevate a simple, ordinary look. They can serve as conversation starters and focal points.

4. Expressive Personal Style:

Express your personal style by layering your favorite abaya. Showcase your everyday jacket or your all-time favorite coat to add a personal style. Mismatch patterns and colors as per your choice to create a personalized palette.

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