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Five Helpful Tips To Style Your Abaya For The Best Look

Style Your Abaya

The majority of people tend to follow fashion and trend changes as they occur. Even though having style is important, so is dressing modestly. An abaya is the first item that comes to mind when considering modest clothing. You can look incredibly beautiful and stylish by knowing how to style an abaya and selecting the best one for your body type.

Abaya wearers occasionally make mistakes that should be avoided. Being your favorite store for casual and formal abaya in Dubai, Onyx Abaya is here with some styling advice that will help you stay clear of these blunders.

Helpful Tips To Style Your Abaya

1.   Pick The Correct Length

Both an abaya that is always sweeping the ground and one that is too short look unattractive. The ideal length for an abaya is a few centimeters below the ankle. S, M, and L are not the standard sizes for abayas because they are measured in length. Both flats and heels should be used to take the measurement.

Fitting into a smaller size and wearing a larger size can ruin the appearance.

It should be preferred that the material should not be sticky. Slim-fit abayas are preferable to regular fits and can also be tied at the waist for a fashionable appearance.

The length of the sleeve shouldn’t be excessively long or short. Unless you’re deliberately looking for a 3/4th sleeve look, you should make sure that the sleeves end at the wrists.

2.   Limit Your Layering.

A bulky appearance may result from excessive layering. The abaya should fit comfortably on the shoulders because a loose fit can make a person look unnecessarily big. Selecting a stiff fabric that widens the shoulders can also have an odd effect.

Additionally, comfort needs to come first. A classy and appropriately layered look can be achieved by pairing a light-closed abaya with an open abaya. You can even try Abayas with belts because they highlight the waist and are aesthetically pleasing.

3.   Seasonal Change

As with other clothing, abayas have their season. Clothing made of silk, cotton, and linen is preferred in the summer, while wool is used in the winter. You can be prepared for the weather if you use the right material. This can also assist you in selecting an abaya suitable for the specified season and save you from any sort of discomfort.

4.   Avoid Static And Wrinkly Appearances

Material made of synthetics may cling and appear odd. Wool, cotton, and other natural fibers do not cling and provide the desired loose fall.

It shouldn’t be wrinkled, either. Even an old abaya that has been steam-cleaned can appear new, and a perfect finish can help it stand out. However, it can also be damaged by too much heat. It’s crucial to maintain an abaya so that it doesn’t wrinkle.

5.   Add Adornments

Abayas can look better and more stylish by adding accessories to them. A abaya can look glamorous with a little bit of addition to the look, whether it’s carrying a bag with it or wearing a belt around the waist.

Even though these are some fundamental styling advice, you should wear whatever makes you feel good and comfortable while also respecting the requirements of Islamic culture. Possessing self-assurance in your clothing enhances the ensemble. Style and confidence go hand in hand. Setting trends can be accomplished by dressing however makes you feel most at ease.

To Wrap Up:

You can get the desired abaya look by taking into account the aforementioned advice whether you’re styling your daily wear abaya or dressing up for an event. Onyx Abaya offers a wide selection of abayas for customers to select from. Order your cheap abayas online and customize their looks to suit your preferences and style.

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