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Five Tips to Take Care Of Your Abaya

Take Care Of Your Abaya

Over the years, abaya designs have evolved and become more fashionable, with designers creating new styles and incorporating modern trends. They’ve evolved to become timeless, trendy, and in style; making them way more than just simple black attire.

Since a woman’s abaya is a representative of her identity, it’s imperative to make sure she gets the excellent care it requires. By cleaning, storing, and caring for your abaya the right way, you may preserve its quality and prolong its life.

For your stylish clothing, try these tried-and-true cleaning tips from Onyx Abaya.

Tips to Take Care Of Your Abaya

1.   Pay Attention To The Label

The label that is attached to each abaya contains crucial details about how to care for them. Read the label to learn what is best for that abaya in particular.

When caring for and cleaning your abaya, give attention to this guidance. For instance, if the label says that the item should only be dry-cleaned, you should follow that advice.

2.   How To Clean?

Simple abayas are the only ones that should be washed. Only dry clean abayas with lace and embroidery, if possible. You want your abaya to keep its glow and seem brand new after every wash. Keep in mind that the key is to handle your clothing with exceptional care.

Following are some washing instructions for your abaya:

  • Soak the abaya in room-temperature water for about 10 minutes, gently massaging any unclean areas that need special attention.
  • Turn your abaya inside out to stop fading.
  • To clean and soften your clothing, use a mild detergent, and wash the colorful and black abayas separately.

There are beautiful abayas that come with delicate hand embroidery, laces, mirror work, and gem and jewel embellishments. Abayas containing lace, crystals, beads, and sequins can only be dry cleaned because of this.

3.   Drying Methods

After washing, gently squeeze off any leftover soap or water. Don’t apply too much power to avoid creases that are difficult to remove.

The abaya can be tumble-dried in the dryer or left out flat to dry naturally. The color and fabric of your abaya may fade if you dry it outside in the sun.

4.   How To Press And Store?

The best method for removing wrinkles from your abaya after washing is to use a clothes steamer or iron. Turn your abaya inside out, select the lowest heat setting on your steamer or iron, and press the cloth, paying close attention to any wrinkles.

It is advised to use a sensitive fabric shield on the iron’s surface to protect the fabric from overheating.

The best way to store your abaya is to place it on velvet hangers in your closet. Do this rather than folding or hanging the abaya from wire hangers to prevent wrinkling.

5.   How To Remove Stains?

There can be a troublesome stain on your abaya. There is no need to be concerned; some mild detergent and rubbing should work.

You can quickly remove some stains by just adhering to the wash instructions mentioned in the preceding steps. To remove the stains, soak the abaya in room-temperature water and gently rub it between your fingers while using a special washing shampoo. If the stain doesn’t disappear, we advise washing it.

To Wrap Up:

You may make the most of the money you spend purchasing an abaya by taking care of it. The better you maintain it, the longer it lasts. This summer, make a statement by adding the newest and modern trendy abaya designs to your wardrobe. Onyx Abaya has always got you covered for that. Find the Best abaya in Dubai.

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