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How To Keep Your Hijab In Place All Day


Do you also get frustrated and irritated by your hijab slipping and sliding off all day? Well, you’re not alone.

Every hijabi knows the struggle of trying to keep their hijab in place. The constant sliding and slipping can be a huge mood-buster when going through your day, especially on busy days when you need your hijab to stay put!

There could be various causes behind it, for instance, the choice of material, absence of under caps, improper pinning of a scarf, and more. But fret not, as all can be tackled with the right hack and tricks.

In regards to that, we have compiled a list of helpful tips and tricks that you can utilize to keep your hijab in place all day so you can go through your day with confidence.

Choosing the Right Fabric And Style

The first step to achieving an effortless hijab look that stays in place all day is to get the right fabric.

Hijabs can be found in a variety of fabrics and materials. From breathable georgettes to soft viscose lawns, you have a wide option to choose your pick. We understand how important it is to select the perfect hijab that matches your outfit and event. However, opting for a hijab that needs constant management can make you annoyed and exasperated.

Therefore, always opt for a fabric that is easy to manage and requires less effort, like lawn, viscose, and rayon cotton.

Nevertheless, it is also important to keep the essence of the occasion in your mind when choosing a hijab. Imagine wearing a plaid cotton or viscose hijab to a festive occasion like a wedding. Feels mismatched, doesn’t it? Pairing a hijab different from the aesthetic of your outfit can look unfitting and bring down your overall appeal.

Given below is a breakdown of hijab fabrics and what occasion they’re good for.


Satin hijabs are known as luxurious hijabs. With a fine lustrous appeal and silky touch, they are made for luxurious and fancy events like weddings or a glitzy night out. Plain or printed, these hijabs will elevate the complete look of your party outfit.


Georgette hijabs are light and breathable, perfect for everyday wear. Their plaid appeal makes them easy to go with any outfit. However, it’s worth noting that these hijabs can be flowy and a little demanding to manage. Opt for these hijabs for days when your activities don’t involve much movement or physical exertion.

Viscose and Linen

Viscose and linen hijabs are some of the most comfortable and easy-going hijab fabrics in the market today. Their soft, breathable material makes them the best fit for everyday casuals. These hijabs are highly manageable that can be wrapped and styled effortlessly. If you intend to be on the move all day and tend to finish your tasks swiftly, these hijabs are the perfect fit for you.


Made of goat’s wool, these hijabs are best suited for days when you need a little warmth. These luxurious hijabs are soft to the touch and give stunning shine when reflected in the light, which makes them the perfect fit for any business-casual affairs. Moreover, they are easily manageable and can stay put up with just a few pins and clips.

Preparing Your Hair

Wrapping your hair is another important element of getting a perfectly styled hijab that stays intact all day. Tying your hair back in a ponytail or a lightly loose bun will help keep your hair out of your face and make stop it from getting caught in your hijab.

If you have long, thick hair, it is best if you tie them up in a bun or ponytail to face no hair hindrance. For an easy alternative, try braiding your hair and tying them in a light bun. This will help keep your hair out of your face to make your styling easy. If you have short hair, you can use a few bobby pins or scrunchies to tie your hair back.

Plus, tying your hair in a bun can add volume to your head, which helps in styling your hijab. You can also incorporate fake hair bun and clip-ons to add the volume of your desire.

Avoid tying your hair tightly and aggressively, as it can weaken the roots of your hair and cause hair loss.

Using Undercaps

Wearing a hijab undercap is another excellent way to keep your hijab in its place all day. Undercaps are simply designed tubes made from stretchable material like plain knit. These under caps can easily be worn by anyone as they are distinctly stretchable. Wearing an under cap under your hijab creates a non-slippery base, which keeps your hijab in place all day.

Moreover, the hijab caps can be found in different designs and styles, which gives you a wide option to choose from as per your taste. If you have more sleek and straight hair, you can opt for a tie-back hijab cap that keeps your place intact and prevents them from slipping and sliding. But if you boast thick curly hair, a bonnet hijab cap is more your fit as it is flexible and easy to tie, making your styling simple and easy.

Hijab under-caps and bonnets can be found in various colors giving you to pull a unique outfit look every time.

Tip: The best way to wear a bonnet or under-cap is by tying your hair in a light bun to save your hair from making a mess.

Secure Your Hijab With Pins

Pins are excellent discreet tools that help secure your hijab subtly. By using hijab pins, you can keep your hijab intact effortlessly throughout the day. Given below are some easy techniques you can employ to secure your hijab through hijab pins.

  • Place your hijab on the head and use a hijab pin to secure the hijab with an undercap.
  • Use a hijab pin underneath your chin to keep your scarf secure on your head.
  • Pin your hijab on your shoulders to ensure they don’t budge during any movement.

There are different types of pins that are used by many women, including straight pins, safety pins, magnetic pins, stick pins, and more. However, it is important to choose the right hijab pin as many can damage the delicate material of your hijab, especially when using a delicate hijab like georgette or satin. Discussed below are different hijab pins and their features to understand the use of hijab pins depending on the material of your hijab.

Straight Pins: Straight pins are easy-to-use pinning tools that can be placed easily anywhere to secure your hijab. Their straight design makes them easy to handle. However, due to their open design, they can poke at your skin. Therefore, it is essential to be cautious when using them.

Safety Pins: Safety pins are the best choice for women that move all day and want to make sure their hijab stays put up. They come with a simple closing mechanism that locks itself by pressing. These hijab pins best go underneath the chin to secure your hijab effortlessly.

Stick Pins: Stick Pins best go with luxurious hijabs for fancy occasions. They not only secure your hijab but also embellishes your hijab seamlessly.

Magnetic Pins: These pins are specifically crafted to secure hijabs made of delicate materials. Their delicate magnetic closing mechanism helps keep your hijab protected from tiny holes or textural damage.

Mastering Folding And Wrapping Techniques

How you style your hijab is also very important when it comes to keeping your hijab intact. Styling your hijab in a loose manner will make it move more and might slide off easily. While a tightly wrapped hijab can last all day, even when you’re on the move.

We have discussed some of the best hijab wraps that stay put all day and give an effortless classy look.

1- Classic Wrap

The first style we have on our hijab list is the classic wrap. It’s a simple yet effective way of wearing a hijab that’s popular all around the world. This style is known for being easy to do and very versatile.

A classic wrap is forever trendy and works well with many different outfits. Whether you’re just going to the store or dressing up for a special occasion like prom or graduation, the classic hijab style can fit in. Plus, it’s good for all kinds of weather because it can be made with different types of hijab fabrics. This style is great for rectangular hijabs and suits all face shapes. It also gives you extra coverage, which helps to ensure your modesty.

  • Place a rectangular scarf around your face. Make sure one side should be much longer than the other.
  • Take the longer side and wrap it over the shorter side, tying it around your head.
  • You can choose how you want it to look. If you like it simple, wrap the scarf tightly. If you want more texture, keep it loose for a fuller look.
  • When you’re happy with how it looks, use two pins to secure the hijab. Put one pin on top and another on the side of your head.

2- Professional Wrap

Let’s talk about the stylish, professional wrap hijab style. It’s sleek and elegant, making it a great choice to add a touch of class to your simple outfits.

This hijab style works perfectly for everyday wear, especially in places like work. Whether you’re going to a business meeting or just working at a store, this style will keep your headscarf looking neat and tidy. The best part? It goes well with materials like modal, georgette, rayon viscose, and jersey. Square hijabs are the perfect choice for this style.

Here’s how to do the professional wrap hijab style using a square hijab:

  • Take your square hijab and fold it into a triangle. Put it on your face, curving it nicely above your forehead. Use a pin to keep it in place under your neck.
  • Cross each end over the other, and wrap them around your neck. Use another pin to secure them at the back of your head.
  • Now that you’ve done that, make sure to tuck all the extra fabric of your hijab under your work shirt, midi dress, or elegant kimono. This will give you a polished and tidy look.

3- Trendsetter Wrap

If you want a luxurious and trendy hijab style, try the voluminous trendsetter style. This look involves layering, which is great for chilly fall days. It also adds texture and natural touch to your outfit, so you don’t need many extra accessories.

This works well with different types of hijab fabric and suits the face of all. It especially works well with monochrome fabrics, giving a stylish touch to plain outfits. Plus, it offers an easy way to pair your favorite jewelry with your outfit.

Follow these steps to get a perfect hijab look.

  • Start by putting a rectangular or square headscarf around your face. Just like the classic hijab style, make sure one side is much longer than the other.
  • Take the longer side and wrap it around your head. Pull the fabric on top of your head a bit to make it more voluminous. Once you like how it looks, bring it back to the front over your shoulder.
  • Use the same piece of fabric and bring it around your face again. Pin it at the top of your head and let the headscarf drape loosely in front.
  • Now, tuck the shorter side behind the longer, loose fabric.

4- Sleek Wrap

The classic sleek hijab style is a favorite among many Instagram influencers for its effortless yet elegant look. It works well with trendy fashion outfits and only needs one pin to stay put. This loose style adds a touch of glamour without being too much, letting your outfit stand out.

You can pair it with various outfits, like a bold trouser suit with sneakers or an elegant kimono with knee-high boots. Plus, it suits all face shapes, and you can also wear it with glasses. You can use materials like jersey, modal, georgette, or rayon viscose to pull this hijab wrap. All you will need is a hijab cap and pin to keep it from slipping.

Here’s how to do an easy and effortless sleek hijab wrap.

  • Put the hijab around your face, making sure both sides are the same length. Use a pin to secure it under your chin.
  • Take one side of the hijab and throw it over your shoulder. Pull it gently to let it fall down your back. This creates the loose hijab look effortlessly.

Bottom Line

Dealing with a sliding and slippery hijab on our most important days can be really irritating and frustrating. The good news is that there are some simple and effective tricks to keep your hijab in place all day long, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. By choosing the right fabric, incorporating the right tips and tricks, and infusing pins and under caps, you can keep your hijab secure and intact.

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