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Travel Guide: Tips On Carrying Your Abaya With You

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Holidays, whether in summer, winter, or on any other occasion, call for a vacation trip with your friends and family. However, as soon as you think of a journey, what gives you a headache the most? Certainly, packing. There’s no doubt that packing your essentials for a trip is one of the trickiest and most demanding challenges to do. Mainly, when it comes to packing clothes, the space is never enough because there’s nothing like too many clothes.

Those Muslim women who wear an abaya must be more conscious as they must take another additional clothing item. So, if you are someone who practices wearing an abaya and needs to know how to carry it with you on your next vacation, stay hooked to this blog!

Wear More, Pack Less

Statement: pretty much self-explanatory, right? Well, it literally means what it says. If you wear an abaya and are willing to plan a trip, it is best that you wear your abaya rather than putting it inside your bag. Not only will it give you a little edge on space, but it will also keep your body protected during the entire journey.

In fact, carrying a few abaya pieces will also allow you not to take too many clothing items like pants, shirts, hoodies, etc. You can get a combination of modest and contemporary abayas, and you’re good to go.

Keep Some Extra Hijabs On Your Way

It is recommended not to keep so many clothing items if you keep abayas with you, which leaves good room in your bags to keep other things. So, when you have ample space left, you can efficiently utilize it to keep a set of chic hijabs that complement your abayas.

Practicing abaya doesn’t prevent you from styling and carrying yourself with grace and sophistication. Thus, styling your abayas with hijabs would help you carry yourself with style wherever you choose to go.

And what else? While you have got so many hijabs with you, it is easier to offer a prayer anywhere while you’re out for travel. In short, it’s nothing but a WIN-WIN situation for you.

Don’t Forget To Carry Comfortable Slippers

We cannot overstate the necessity of having a comfortable pair of shoes for traveling. Whether traveling via a train or a plane, a quality pair of shoes makes the entire expedition worthwhile.

But despite how comfortable your sandals and shoes are, it’s impossible to offer a prayer while they are on. Thus, it is vital that you also carry a pair of slippers with you so that you can perform proper wadhu, washing your feet with ease.

Further, having a good pair of slippers will also allow you to eliminate the fatigue caused by wearing boots all day. Hence, again, carrying slippers gives you an edge in this regard, too.

Do a Comprehensive Research On The Whereabouts of Your Location

As a Muslim wearing the abaya, it becomes essential for you to get to know about the whereabouts of your visiting destination. Reason? There are a lot of countries that are Islamophobic and can harm you if they see you wearing an abaya. So, conducting thorough research before deciding where to go will save you from visiting such places.

Other than this, working on your traveling destination beforehand protects you from a lot of other hustles. For example, finding nearby mosques earlier will save you time to spend on other essential things. Besides, you can also learn about the culture, ethnicity, and people of the country/state/city you are willing to visit so that you act accordingly as a Muslim woman. 

Advantages of Carrying Abaya On Your Vacation

Do you want to know some benefits of carrying an abaya on your next trip? Mentioned below are some of the plus points. Let’s explore them.

You Get Acknowledged

While there was a time when Muslim women who chose to wear an abaya faced an immense backlash, today, people take inspiration from Muslim women who wear an abaya. Infused with modern fashion, abaya today has given fashion enthusiasts a chance to showcase their creativity, catering to religious and cultural considerations of Muslim women while providing them with an opportunity to embrace contemporary fashion with modesty.

Also, many women feel like they get more respect when they travel in an abaya or move around in an abaya. Getting acknowledgment for your religious identity makes you feel proud and more confident in your faith than before.

You Are At Peace

There are a lot of people who tend to change their dress as they go on vacation. However, no matter how well you dress, you never feel comfortable and at ease with your modified dressing.

However, this is not the case with Muslim women, especially those who wear an abaya. As Muslim women prioritize their religion foremost, they never change their way of dressing, i.e., choosing not to wear an abaya on their vacation. This sense of commitment not only provides them with the utmost comfort and hassle-free experience on their trip but also provides them with a surreal inner satisfaction and peace of not changing them for some worldly records.

An Extra Layer of Protection

Literally, you can wear anything beneath your abaya. Be it your comfortable pajamas and t-shirts, jeans and tops, or anything else, the abaya will provide you with an added layer of protection, specifically while traveling.

A Few Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing Travel Abayas

Regardless of your reasons for styling an abaya, from religious to spiritual reasons to simply elevating your daily look with sleek and chic designs or while planning a vacation, there are some abaya fashion mistakes that you should avoid. To help you get the best abayas for yourself, we have jotted down those most common abaya mistakes you must be mindful of.

Carrying An Abaya, Not a Sweeping Cloth

Carrying an abaya itself is an art, and not everyone is an artist, of course. There are a lot of women who are taking abaya so horribly that instead of motivating others, they avert from even considering it to wear in the future.

It is important to note that you are carrying an abaya and not a sweeping wand or cloth cleaning the floor as you walk in it. Neither does it look glorious touching the floor, nor does it look graceful too short, possibly over your ankle.

Especially when you’re buying it for traveling purposes, be conscious of the places you aim to visit. From beaches to harsh roadways to desserts, wearing an inappropriate length can cause you immense trouble.

When purchasing one or getting it stitched, it is ideal for assessing the exact length measurements for precise outcomes. In addition, consider the footwear you will wear (heels or flats) to provide the shopkeeper or tailor with customized dimensions for a sleek look.

Not Being Mindful Of The Sleeve Length

As much as it is crucial to calculate the precise hem length, taking notes of a sleeve length is essential, too. Whether too short or too long, the inappropriate sleeves would ruin your looks and may get in your way as you tackle your daily tasks. Thus, ensure that you take the correct measurements of your arm’s length before buying or ordering an abaya for yourself. We encourage the ideal arm’s length to be correct to your wrists for optimal coverage unless you’re aiming for ¾ length yourself for some reason.

Not Choosing The Right The Width Of An Abaya

It is perhaps one of the most common mistakes women tend to make; instead of adding to their abaya’s overall sophistication, it ruins its entire appeal. Squeezing your abaya’s width shorter than your actual size to make you look slim is never a good idea.

Mainly, when opting for abayas for your vacation, it is ideal that you even give your abaya’s width an edge so that you can breathe easily despite any season or temperature of the visiting destination.

If you’re struggling to evaluate your width size, try putting an abaya on, and if you feel like you can’t put it on with ease, rethink your size and consider adding a few inches to it. 

Putting Infinite Layers of Fabric

As people are increasingly combining the latest fashion trends in modest abayas, they do so with different styles, patterns, and designs. One such trend is by adding layers of fabric in a single abaya.

While this kind of abaya style might look pleasing at first glance, swimming in fabric way more than is needed can create an inelastic effect, giving a perception of suffocation and unease. For those purchasing a few pieces for their traveling, ensure your abaya fits nicely on your shoulders and is a little loose as it goes down. However, also ensure the loose fit doesn’t overpower at the same time.

To accessorize it for an innovative appeal, you can choose color-contrasted belts to wear. This will not only add to your looks but also give a glimpse of a flattering slim waist.

Not Synching Abaya With Weather Demands

Choosing to wear excessive layering can ruin your streamlined look. Thus, for the most charming appeal, it is ideal that you stick to the conventional types of abayas made of the most lightweight fabric and materials without having too much on them.

However, if you’re visiting a cold place, you can wear a multiple-layered abaya or one made of warm fabric to keep yourself cozy. For summers, choose abayas made of silk, linen, or cotton. For winter, choose material such as wool or bisht to keep yourself comfy.

Not Checking On Embellishments

Who doesn’t love putting embellishments and embroideries on their outfits? Quite a few only. Decorating your abaya with different trappings and needlework looks beautiful, adding opulence and richness to your overlay. However, while shopping for an abaya for your vacation trip, check how these embellishments are crafted. Poorly infused crystals, frayed embroidery patches, or unraveling sequence work can always ruin the overall appeal of the outerwear.

Not Keeping It a Timeless Wear

While having colorful abayas in your wardrobe sounds excellent here, you must always have black, brown, and white abaya(s) in your collection for their classic appeal. Since any color besides these conventional ones will fade out one day, the hues mentioned above will stay as it is no matter what. Also, not every color is suitable for carrying on your vacation trip, but having these three colors, you don’t have to think twice because they will add to the sophistication of any outfit at any place.

Also, keep a rigid cleaning practice in your routine to ensure your abayas are always neat and clean for emergency wear or to lend someone.

The Wrap Up

In short, abayas are one of the critical clothing assets that most Muslim women embrace worldwide. As these women don’t compromise on their faith, they don’t change their styling, even if they are out and about on a vacation with their friends or family. For such strong women, this blog provides comprehensive insight on how to carry your abaya if you’re on your way to vacation.

From wearing an abaya instead of keeping it inside, to keeping hijabs for styling, to carrying comfy slippers to questing whereabouts of the visiting place before departure, this handful of tips will help Muslim women to carry modest clothing while making the best of their trip to the other country/state/city.

Besides, we have also noted down a few mistakes to avoid while choosing travel abayas, including choosing the ideal hem length, sleeve length, and width of the abaya. Last but not least, it is essential to note that the abaya you’re purchasing synchs the weather demands of the place you’re going, doesn’t have too much fabric to overwhelm, has precise embellishments, and some classic colors for the never-ending fashion statement.

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