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The Art Of Choosing The Perfect Abaya: A Guide For The Modern Muslim Woman

An abaya is more than just a clothing garment. For women of the Muslim world, it is a representation of their cultural heritage and unique identity. It is an article of clothing that is beautiful yet serves its function with elegance. With everything said and done, it’s safe to say that choosing an abaya can be difficult in this day and age, owing to the fact that the new age brought with it a new range of colours and various fabric options. What can a woman do when met with such a challenge? Do not fear because we bring you a comprehensive blog on how to choose an abaya that is just perfect for you!

Abaya Styles, You Can Choose From

When it comes to abayas, there are many styles to choose from in the modern age. From traditional styles to relatively modern ones, there are many different styles you can opt for when getting yourself an abaya.

-Daily Wear Abayas

Daily wear abayas are designed with comfort and practicality in mind. They are typically made of lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton or jersey and may feature simple embellishments like lace or embroidery. These abayas are perfect for everyday wear as they offer ample coverage for modesty while still being easy to move in. Daily wear abayas come in a variety of colours and styles to suit your personal taste and needs.

-Designer Abayas

Designer abayas like the LuLu Abaya and Zahby Abaya are high-end fashion options for those who want to make a statement. They are often made of luxurious fabrics like silk or velvet and feature intricate designs or embellishments like crystals, pearls, or precious metals. A designer abaya is perfect for special occasions like weddings or formal events, as they are sure to turn heads. You can pair abayas with a variety of hijab styles and accessorize them with statement jewelry and heels for added glamour.

-Wedding Abayas

Wedding abayas are a beautiful and elegant option for brides who want to maintain their modesty on their special day. They are often made of luxurious fabrics like silk or satin and may feature intricate designs or embellishments like lace or beading. Wedding abayas like the Allure Abaya or Majestic Abaya are perfect for those who want to make a statement with their fashion choices while still honoring their cultural traditions. You can accessorize abayas with statement jewelry and shoes and pair them with a variety of hijab styles to complete your look.

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Importance Of Choosing The Right Abaya

Choosing the right abaya is essential as it is not just a representation of yourself but your faith and culture. An elegant abaya is a symbol of modesty and piety. Choosing the right abaya for yourself can boost your confidence and reflect your unique personality.

•          Picking the right abaya can boost your confidence and enhance your personal style.

•          Wearing an abaya that makes you feel comfortable and confident can give you a sense of empowerment.

•          The perfect abaya can highlight your best features, cover any insecurities, and enhance your overall appearance.

•          An elegant abaya also sets you apart in a crowd and allows you to express your unique style.

•          Selecting the right abaya is practical and comfortable. In warmer climates, it’s important to choose a breathable and comfortable fabric. A fabric that is too heavy or thick can make you feel uncomfortable and hot. The ideal abaya should allow freedom of movement and be easy to move around in.

The Perfect Abaya Fabric For You

It goes without saying that the right fabric can make all the difference between a great or terrible experience with an abaya. For instance, if you’re looking to wear an abaya to go to the market, a simple cotton shall suffice. However, if an occasion is what you’re going to, it’s better to stick to a fancier material like chiffon or silk!


Cotton is a popular choice for abayas due to its lightweight, breathable, and comfortable properties, making it perfect for daily wear. Cotton abayas come in various colors and styles and can be embellished with embroidery, lace, or beads for an added touch of elegance. Moreover, it is easy to care for and can be machine washed and dried.


Chiffon is a lightweight fabric that is often used as an overlay for other fabrics in abaya designs. It’s a popular choice for formal and special occasion abayas as it adds an ethereal and romantic touch to the garment. Chiffon abayas can be embellished with beading, sequins, or embroidery for added glamour.


Linen is a breathable and lightweight fabric that is perfect for summer abayas. Its slightly rough texture and natural creases give it a relaxed and casual look. Linen abayas can be worn in various styles, from loose and flowing to more structured and tailored, making them great for different occasions.

– Factors To Consider When Selecting Abaya Material

Several factors should be considered when choosing the right fabric for your abaya. Firstly, the climate and weather conditions of the region should be taken into account. Cotton abayas may be the most comfortable choice due to their breathability for hot and humid weather. For colder weather, silk abayas may provide better insulation and warmth. The occasion or event for which you plan to wear the abaya should also be considered. For special occasions, silk or chiffon abayas may be more suitable. They are a great choice due to their luxurious and elegant appearance. For everyday wear, cotton abayas may be more practical and durable.

The level of care and maintenance you are willing to provide for the abaya should also be taken into consideration. Silk and chiffon abayas may require more delicate handling and special care compared to cotton abayas.

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Accessorizing To Accentuate Your Look

When you accessorize, that’s when a look really comes together! Once you know what you’re wearing, you can further accentuate your look by adding some pretty jewelry, matching or complementing your hijab with your abaya, or sticking on a brooch. There are endless possibilities!


The hijab is a major part that completes the abaya, and it can be a great way to complement your abaya. When selecting a hijab, consider choosing a color or style that complements your abaya or try a contrasting color for a pop of color. You can also experiment with different hijab styles, such as draping or wrapping the hijab uniquely.


Brooches are versatile accessories that can add a touch of sophistication and personal style to your abaya. Depending on the style and color of your abaya, you can choose a brooch that complements it or select a statement piece for a bolder look. You can also play around with the placement of the brooch on the chest, waist, or even on the hijab.


Jewelry is a great way to add some sparkle and shine to your abaya look. Depending on your personal style, you can choose jewelry that compliments the color and style of your abaya or select a statement piece for added drama. Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are all popular jewelry options that can elevate your abaya look.

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Care And Maintenance

While some abayas are tough and sturdy, others are delicate and dainty. It all depends on the type of material you get when buying an abaya. Proper care and maintenance ensure that your abaya lasts years to come!

-Dry Cleaning

When caring for an abaya that has delicate embroidery and crystals, it’s best to opt for dry cleaning. This is because regular washing can cause damage or dislodge delicate embellishments, resulting in a shorter lifespan for your abaya. In order to maintain the original charm of your abaya and extend its lifespan, it’s advisable to take it to a professional dry cleaner who has experience handling delicate fabrics and embellishments with care. By doing so, you can ensure that your abaya stays in top condition for years to come.

-Gentle Machine Wash

So that your abaya stays in good condition, it’s essential to care for it properly. This involves turning it inside out and using a detergent specifically formulated for abaya fabric when washing. For best results, select the gentlest cycle available and use cold water to prevent damage to the delicate fabric. Once the cycle is complete, remove your abaya promptly from the machine and lay it out flat to dry, avoiding direct sunlight.

-Hand Wash

If handwashing your abaya, start by soaking it in cold water and gently rubbing it with your fingers if necessary. Rinse the garment in and out of the water until it is no longer soapy, then lay it out flat to dry. Handwashing helps to preserve vibrant colors, maintain shape, and extend the life of your abaya.

-Pressing / Steaming Instructions

When pressing or steaming your abaya, it’s crucial to use a gentle machine wash or hand wash only. Whether you choose to use an iron or cloth steamer, remember to press or iron your abaya inside out to prevent color changes and pressing marks. Clothes steamers are effective in removing creases and refreshing fabric. For best results, use the heated metal plate and delicate fabric guard to avoid exposing your fabric to too much heat. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your abaya stays in excellent condition for years to come.

In conclusion, picking the right abaya for yourself or a loved one isn’t as tedious as it may feel at first! Use this blog as a guide when shopping for abayas for a fun yet organized and in-control experience. At Onyx Abaya, you can get yourself various styles and designs that resonate with your personality and unique style. We understand that each woman has specific wants and desires, which is why our team works day in and day out to bring you a vast range of abayas to choose from so that all your needs can be catered to without having to settle for less! Head on to Onyx Abaya today to get your hands on the best abayas in the market and experience quality at its finest!

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